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I’ve often wondered if there was a more creative way of experiencing my fish keeping hobby than a traditional wall-install of an aquarium or fish tank atop a decorative cupboard.

I love watching my fish as they swim around and know that my guests also get a thrill from following their movements around the tank.

But the kids – the kids. They just can’t always enjoy the bright, colorful tropical fish I keep because they live at too high a level for their little eyes.

And, well, honestly, sometimes the standard forms of tanks get a little boring.

So, when I discovered such a thing as glass coffee table fish tanks, I knew I had to look deeper to see if these are, first of all, reasonable options and if there are any decent ones on the market.

Best Fish Tank Coffee Table Quick-Find Table

Image Product
  • Under aquarium lighting
  • Ideal for small spaces
  • All equipment contained under the tank
  • Under aquarium lighting
  • Ideal for small spaces
  • All equipment contained under the tank
  • Comes with almost everything you need
  • Very unique
  • Easy access for feeding
  • Comes with almost everything you need
  • Very unique
  • Easy access for feeding
  • Comes pre-fitted with accessories
  • Attractive
  • Easy to clean
  • Comes pre-fitted with accessories
  • Attractive
  • Easy to clean

Are Coffee Table Aquariums Legit Fish Tanks?

Actually, yes, they are.

Because the health and care of my fish are first and foremost in my mind as I examine every product I recommend – or don’t recommend – I had to know if these coffee table fish tanks offer the things necessary for appropriate care of fish in them.

I dug into the benefits and downsides of using them, and this is what I found.

Benefits of Coffee Table Aquariums and How to Choose the Right Ones

Of course, being a fish tank, coffee table tanks have the general benefits of keeping fish. But there are a few extra bonuses, as well.

Coffee Table Fish Tanks are Luxurious By Nature

Obviously, these kinds of tanks are going to be pricier than standard acrylic and glass aquariums that those with limited budgets can keep, so you’re unfortunately not going to find a fish tank coffee table cheap.

But that means they are luxurious by nature and absolutely add a distinctive aesthetic to your home or office that even standard type beautiful reef tanks cannot.

They Put the Fish in the Center of Your Living Space

Whether you get a dining table or coffee table aquarium, all eyes are going to go directly to the fish in whatever room the aquarium is in.

This means they’re more of a focus in your daily routine, your daily life, and for the guests who visit your home.

You may also do better with caring for your aquarium because it’s so front and center.

There are Certain Health Benefits to Having a Fish Tank in Your Living Room

Keeping an aquarium in your living room has some health benefits that will only be increased by having such visible and immediate access via the coffee table tank.

fish in the best fish tank coffee table

Reduce Stress

Have you ever noticed how calming an afternoon at the lake can be? Aquariums actually have similar effects to that of sitting by an ocean shore listening to the waves crashing, enjoying rain on fall on a tin roof, or listening to stream bubble.

This soothing effect can help reduce a person’s anxiety and stress levels by up to 12%. Having an aquarium at the center of your home space – typically the living room or den – can help you reap all the benefits of that by regularly drawing your attention.

Decrease Disruptive Behavior in Alzheimer’s Patients

Several studies conducted in the past have actually shown that keeping an aquarium can help patients with Alzheimer’s reduce outbursts and other disruptive behavior through their calming, engaging effects.

These studies indicate that keeping fish at home can help patients live calmer, lower-stress, happier lives.

Lower Blood Pressure and Heart Rate

And to the stress reduction and other calming effects of fish tanks, folks with high blood pressure and heart rate can also reduce these just by spending some time watching the brightly colored, quirky critters of the deep.

Negatives of Coffee Table Fish Tanks and What to Avoid

Because coffee table fish tanks are a bit of novelty, there are a few downsides to consider before purchasing.

These Things are Generally Rather Expensive

Where you may pay a few hundred dollars for a standard aquarium of the same size, table aquariums are pretty pricey.

Most of them range from $600 for small size – like an end table – to $1500 or more for a full-size coffee table. Dining tables will be even more.

If you’re working with a limited budget, these probably won’t be doable.

Many of the Table Tanks Don’t Work with Accessories

Secondly, and potentially more importantly, coffee table fish tanks don’t work with a large number of the accessories we use to keep our aquariums clean and healthy.

Accessibility points may also be difficult to find for some of the accessories like air pumps and filter systems.

Cleaning Can be a Bigger Chore

Keeping your aquarium clean can already be a chore. All that water exchange, the cleaning processes, et cetera can be a real hassle for some of us.

But with a tank of this nature, the cleaning can be really time-consuming. This means that aquarium coffee tables are not for the lightly invested hobbyist.

fish in the best aquarium coffee table

Are Coffee Table Aquariums Safe?

One of the big questions I had when I first started looking into coffee table fish tanks were safety issues. Are they safe for kids? Pets? The fish I keep in there?

Well-built coffee table tanks are safe for your fish, other pets, and your kids.

They’re made of sturdy enough materials that they won’t just fracture and break open, and they often have frames that help to elevate them slightly and provide additional padding and protection against bumps and scrapes.

That is, of course, one of the big reasons it’s important to only consider high-quality aquarium tables.

Reviews of the Best Coffee Table Fish Tanks for Sale

Honestly, there aren’t that many high-quality fish tank coffee table options on the market at all. But we wanted to bring to light the good and the bad of the best fish tank coffee table options that are worth buying.


#1. Midwest Tropical 15 Gallon

Midwest Tropical Fountain Aqua End Table

Although not technically a coffee table, this small, stable little aquarium table is the best bet for small homes and spaces, like apartments or sitting rooms.

You’ll find the dimensions of the Midwest Tropical Fountain End Table are smaller – and therefore more suitable for tight rooms – but the aquarium is equally attractive to comparable models in larger sizes.

The breakdown:

  • Gallons: 15 Gallons
  • Dimensions: 20 x 15.5 x 15.5-inches; 56-pounds empty
  • Shape: Square
  • Type of aquarium: Freshwater
  • Materials: Acrylic, with glass top
  • What they come with: 2-stage aquarium filter, extension cords, lighting, artificial decorative plants, aerator
  • Bonus features: Under-tank illumination

The aquarium sits on a black acrylic pedestal to elevate the tank and hide the equipment for a more conducive viewing environment. Conveniently, this means you don’t have to figure out placement of the pumps, filters, et cetera.

And it comes with the unique under-tank illumination system for a different take on lighting for aquariums.

Honestly, the biggest draw for me on this one – besides the fact that it’s a freakin’ aquarium side table! – is that it’s something even people with a small home or living room can use and enjoy.

Personally, I’d use this for some Danios, swordtails, or other small but brightly colored freshwater fish.

Things We Loved

A quick look at the positives:

  • Under-aquarium LED lighting for a unique look and experience
  • All equipment is contained under the tank within the pedestal
  • Lighter weight and small – ideal for small living spaces
  • Lovely shape and design for ultra-attractiveness and Feng Shui

Things We Didn’t Love

A quick look at the negatives:

  • While having a solid glass lid is ideal for such an aquarium, it does make it heavier.
  • As an end table, much of the benefits would be removed. But the size makes it a bit small for use as a centerpiece in larger rooms.

Our Verdict on the Midwest Tropical Fountain End Table

Ultimately, this is a great option for apartment renters or folks like my mother who lives in a one-room house that’s not quite a tiny home.

The aquarium table provides enough space for small fish requiring up to 15-gallons of water and comes with its own lighting, aerator, filters, and cords. It could be the only one you use, or if you do have a little bit larger space, you could pair the tank with another to offer your family and guests two different freshwater aquarium experiences in the same home.

I also think this would be a great place for goldfish, guppies, and similarly small fish that kids love.

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#2. Midwest Tropical 28 Gallon

Aquarium Coffee Table w Six Sides

For a mid-sized space or large space where you’d like to have two moderately sized aquarium tables, the Aqua Table from Midwest Tropical is a great choice.

This uniquely shaped table is an octagon aquarium that draws the eye more than the average fish tank ever could.

The breakdown:

  • Gallons: 28 Gallons
  • Dimensions: 38 x 20 x 15.5-inches; 56-pounds empty
  • Shape: Octagon
  • Type of aquarium: Freshwater
  • Materials: Acrylic, with glass top
  • What they come with: Filter, plant, blue glass gravel, lighting
  • Bonus features: Under-tank illumination

This octagon-shaped coffee table aquarium is easy to put together, which is a big bonus. You don’t have to call in a specialist or run weird wiring, though some users have positioned the aquarium permanently and cut their carpet to run the cords underneath.

The aquarium body is made of acrylic, but the top is made of beveled glass, which means you won’t scratch it using it as it’s intended – as a coffee table.

The kit includes the aquarium with a black acrylic pedestal, lighting for use under the tank – a lighting situation I think is stunning, personally – a filter, blue glass gravel, and an artificial plant.

I’d get rid of the plants and use real live plants instead, but the blue aquarium glass looks stunning in the under-lighting setup.

What We Loved

A quick review of the great things about the Aqua Table:

  • Perfect size for medium spaces or pairing with another table in large spaces
  • Comes with almost everything you need
  • Equipment tucks into the pedestal nicely to avoid ugly aesthetics
  • Under-tank illumination for a unique glow and aesthetic
  • Feeding spots on the sides for easy access

What We Didn’t Love

The few negatives on the Aqua Table include:

  • The lid is made of glass, and therefore may be heavy for some.
  • It can only be used for freshwater fish.
  • The shape is interesting but can be awkward in some spaces.

Our Verdict on the Aqua Table from Midwest Tropical

The Midwest Tropical Aqua Table is a great option for medium spaces. Honestly, this would be my preferred option in a large space, too, however, because I could pair two tables together in a large living room.

I’d grab some cichlids with smaller fish in one and house a collection of smaller fish like Tetra and Danios in the other to create a unique blend in the two experiences.

The Aqua Table is an easy to set up and easy to use aquarium with convenient side feeding openings, which makes it an even better choice for those with kids who want to help.

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#3. Aqua Vim 68 Gallon

68 Gallon Square Coffee Table Aquarium

Of the four solid, currently available models of coffee table aquariums, the 68-Gallon Square table from Aqua Vim is the most highly rated among users and makes it onto every single review list I could find.

Even if the choices in this style of aquarium weren’t so limited, these factors alone would certainly make it worth looking into.

Plus, this seems to be the only glass table fish tank available currently.

The breakdown:

  • Gallons: 68 Gallons
  • Dimensions: 39 x 39 x 21-inches; 150-pounds empty
  • Shape: Square
  • Type of aquarium: Freshwater or saltwater
  • Materials: Glass body and top, wooden frame
  • What it comes with: Light, filter, pumps
  • Bonus features: Systems already installed

The Aqua Vim square table comes with the lighting fixtures already mounted below the glass tabletop. This means you don’t have to worry about precise placement or the hassle of affixing them yourself.

It also comes with the pumps positioned within the corner columns. This is great because it means you don’t have the ugly pumps hanging out inside the aquarium or awkwardly positioned nearby outside the tank.

The Aqua Vim 68-gallon table also comes with the filtration system in-tact.

When your setup arrives at your house, you just have to follow the basic instructions to set everything up. And because everything is already built-in, it’s a pretty easy system to set up.

The design itself is simple and elegant and truly does add to any room. Personally, I not only love this one for a living room or den, but I love it for a larger bedroom.

The glass tank and lid are a lot easier to clean than acrylic tanks and don’t scratch the way those do. And as long as you can kneel or sit – or get one of the older kids to do so – you can clean this aquarium table pretty easily.

Things We Loved

A quick break down of the positives:

  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to assemble without help
  • Comes with pre-loaded filtration, lighting, and pump systems
  • Scratch resistant
  • Very attractive
  • Sturdy and great for use around kids and pets

Things We Didn’t Love

A quick breakdown of the negatives:

  • Not suitable for smaller living spaces
  • The lid is heavier because it’s made of glass
  • It may be challenging to replace parts because of their hiding places in the columns

Our Verdict for the 68-Gallon Aqua Vim Aquarium Table

Overall, this is definitely a top seller for a reason.

The Aqua Vim fish tank table is stunning, all around, and wonderful for larger homes with pets and children who may bump into it.

The glass and wood construction are sturdy enough to handle some scuffles, and the whole system comes basically ready for aquarium sand, plants, and fish.

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