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When I first started my fishkeeping hobbyist days, I knew nothing about bow front aquariums.

But as my knowledge of this amazing hobby increased, and my research game moved forward, I began to realize what a difference the right aquarium can make.

And when that moment clicked on the lightbulb of understanding, I realized what I was missing by not considering bow fronted fish tanks.

These things are amazing, truly, with some of the best views you’ll ever have inside your little guppy’s world.

Best Bow Front Aquarium Quick-Find Table

Image Product
  • Beautiful viewing from the excellent curve shape
  • Extremely high-quality make
  • Affordable and reasonably complete kit
  • Beautiful viewing from the excellent curve shape
  • Extremely high-quality make
  • Affordable and reasonably complete kit
  • Sleek and modern looking
  • Great for small spaces
  • Brilliant illumination unmatched by other built-in lights
  • Sleek and modern looking
  • Great for small spaces
  • Brilliant illumination unmatched by other built-in lights
  • Stunning, clear viewing through glare resistant acrylic
  • Great foundation for a custom system setup
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Stunning, clear viewing through glare resistant acrylic
  • Great foundation for a custom system setup
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Comes with a rocky 3D ledge background
  • Comes with a great LED light
  • Beautiful wide curve on the bow front for amazing views
  • Comes with a rocky 3D ledge background
  • Comes with a great LED light
  • Beautiful wide curve on the bow front for amazing views

What is a Bow Front Aquarium?

I know what you’re thinking. What’s the big deal about bow front aquariums? Aren’t they just fancier aquariums with higher price tags?

best bow front aquarium

The fact is, that technically bowed front fish tanks aren’t going to be any better quality than a standard flat front rectangular aquarium. But the viewing area aesthetic on the tank is worlds better. Seriously.

The convex shape of the bow front basically functions as a magnifier for the outside perspective with the naturally reverse of the concave perspective of the fish puts a little “distance” between you and them, helping them feel safer.

Because of the way these aquariums are shaped, you’ll have some varying sizes from the typical rectangular ones. For example, instead of a 75-gallon option, you’re more likely to find a 72 gallon bow front aquarium. Instead of a 55-gallon, you’ll find a 50 gallon bow front aquarium or 46 gallon bow front aquarium.

If you’re looking for a 20 gallon bow front aquarium, you’re probably going to have to settle for something either a bit smaller or a bit larger. There aren’t too many 20 gallon bow front tanks worth purchasing.

There are some tube or hexagon shaped aquariums in this size that have that similar viewing effect, but they’re not technically bow front.

Your best option is to look for something that comes as close as possible to the size you need. One gallon at this size probably won’t make a huge difference, but you can always lean towards the next size up instead, to guarantee your fish have enough space.

multiple fish in a bow front aquarium

What are Common Bowfront Aquarium Sizes?

Bowed front fish tanks are a unique animal in the fishkeeping world. Their shape tends to make them off sizes. So instead of seeing round figures like 20 and 50, you’ll see the average sizes are more like:

  • 5 gallon
  • 8 gallon
  • 9 gallon
  • 15 gallon
  • 16 gallon
  • 26 gallon
  • 36 gallon
  • 46 gallon
  • 72 gallon

Reviews of the Best Bow Front Aquariums

There are a variety of options available out there, but to make your life easier, we’ve put together a collection of reviews of the best bowed front fish tanks to help you sort through more quickly.


#1. Fluval Premium

Fluval Premium Bow Front Aquarium Kit

When you’re looking for a quality product in fishkeeping, Fluval is one of the go-tos. The brand is known for high-quality manufacture and materials, and the Premium Bow Front Aquarium Kit with LED is no exception to their rule.

In fact, from what we can see, this is the best option on the market for anything large enough for more than a couple of reasons.

To get you started, the kit comes with the 45-gallon glass aquarium, a powerful Fluval C4 power filter with industry-leading 5-stage filtration, submersible M heater with shock-resistant glass and mirror technology and a low-profile canopy with the powerful LED aquarium light rig built-in for easy setup.

You need some plants, fish, and a stand, and you’re all set to start the aquarium of your dreams.

Here’s the breakdown:

  • Tank size: 45-gallons
  • Dimensions: 36” x 16” x 20”
  • Made of: Glass
  • Type: Saltwater or freshwater
  • Comes with: Filter, heater, fish tank, light hood

What We Loved

There are so many reasons to love these bowfront fish tanks kits. First, it comes with practically everything you need to get set up, save plants, fish, and substrate.

Secondly, the aquarium itself is made of super high-quality glass that won’t spring leaks or scratch up easily.

The low-profile canopy with LED light is fantastic. The canopy doesn’t take away from the overall look while the built-in lights make it so much easier to deal with for cleaning, feeding, et cetera. No removing the hood and lights to get things done.

And the lights themselves are powerful enough to help your low and medium light plants do extremely well.

Often, I’m not so keen on the filters that come with kits, but the Fluval C4 power filter is a really fantastic option – so huge bonus that it comes with it. The 5-stage filtration will do a thorough job of getting rid of the gunk and invisible stuff you don’t want in there with those fish.

Finally, the heater that comes with the kit is also top-notch. It’s a fully-submersible, European-made M heater with shatter-resistant glass and mirror technology that ups the game on heating aquariums.

What We Didn’t Love

I know it sounds like I’m just tooting Fluval’s horn here, but honestly I really didn’t find anything negative with this kit. The accessories provided are high-quality, as is the aquarium itself.

Our Verdict on the Fluval Premium Bow Front Kit with LED

Overall, this is the best option you’ve got for a 20+ gallon aquarium.

The price isn’t too bad, considering all the high-quality that comes with, the views are phenomenal, and you’ll just not find a better starter kit than this.

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#2. Fluval Flex

fluval flex 15 gallon

The Fluval 15-gallon Flex is a beautiful aquarium that’s perfect for tight spaces.

It comes with brilliant RGB illumination built into the easy to remove hood for better viewing and improved health and growth for live plants and fish alike.

Because this is a fairly small aquarium, be sure to verify your safe can happily and safely live in such a small space.

The Flex is the perfect little freshwater tank for anyone keeping Danios and similar fish that are happy in smaller size aquariums. You can neatly tuck it into almost any room – even an office or bedroom.

Here’s the breakdown:

  • Tank size: 15 gallons
  • Dimensions: 16” x 15” x 15”
  • Made of: Glass
  • Type: Freshwater
  • Comes with: Light, hood, remote control, filter, water pump

What We Loved

The 3-stage filtration using foam, carbon, and Biomax filter media is one of the big positives on this kit.

The three stages help to clean and clear the aquarium so that your fish are healthy. This is critical in all tanks, but small ones in particular quickly become overrun with a bioload of muck and waste that needs to be cleaned out. The filter does the trick.

The multi-directional 132 GPH dual outputs are also great as they allow customized water flow for the right kind of movement in your tank.

We also love the lighting system.

The 6 RGB fully adjustable 2450 lux LED lights offer tons of light that help promote plant growth and health for your fish.

Plus, since the lights are built into the hood, you don’t have to hassle with moving them around when you remove the hood for cleaning, feeding, et cetera.

What We Didn’t Love

The primary negatives I’ve noticed for this great little tank are that though it is a 15-gallon tank technically, the viewing space is a bit more like 10-gallons.

A lot of what’s included in the 15-gallon perspective is the filtration chamber in the back that pulls it down to a practical 10-gallon bow front aquarium.

Our Verdict on the Fluval Flex Aquarium

All-in-all, the Fluval Flex Aquarium is a great option for a small species fish aquarium.

The built-in lighting is fantastic, the filtration is great, and the other accessories do the trick.

Overall, it’s practically closer to a 10-gallon tank, however, so be sure that you only use this one if your fish are suited to a tank this small.

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#3. SeaClear

SeaClear 46 gal Bowfront Acrylic Aquarium Combo Set

The SeaClear Acrylic Aquarium Combo set is a great, simple aquarium kit to get you started. They’re beautifully designed bow fronted fish tanks that comes with a reflector and light fixture built into a partial hood for keeping your aquarium lighted.

One nice thing about a high-quality acrylic tank is the durability level. This aquarium is great for homes with kids and clumsy pets.

Here’s the breakdown:

  • Tank size: 46-gallons
  • Dimensions: 36” x 16.5” x 20”
  • Made of: Acrylic
  • Type: Freshwater or saltwater
  • Comes with: Aquarium, reflector, light fixture

What We Loved

Besides the obvious traits of a bow front that just make any of them a great choice, the SeaClear acrylic has virtually invisible seams pulling the edges together.

The viewing is so spectacularly clear that you might forget there’s something holding the water in.

And while kits are great for first-time aquarists, I do love that this is a simple, straight up aquarium that you can build onto with custom accessories, ensuring you get the best in all categories, not just bowfront aquariums.

What We Didn’t Love

While the light fixture is decent, LED lights are much better for aquariums.

So you’ll probably need to anticipate the additional expense of a high-quality LED light instead.

Our Verdict on the SeaClear Acrylic Aquarium Combo Set

The SeaClear Acrylic Aquarium is a straight-up, high-quality no nonsense aquarium for those looking for uber-clear views and no leaks.

The aquarium is perfect for keeping a variety of species in, and the size and shape of it make it reasonably convenient for most areas.

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#4. Hygger

Hygger Horizon 8 Gallon LED Glass Aquarium Kit for Starters

For an interesting and unique small aquarium kit, the Hygger 8-Gallon LED kit is your best pick. The kit comes with a host of things that make this small aquarium a great option for fish that like rocky ledges and planted waters.

Some of the bow front aquarium models out there barely count as bow front. But not this one.

The wide curve changes the shape of the aquarium into a very easily clear view home for your fish.

These curved fish tanks are fairly small, however, so don’t expect to keep betta fish, goldfish, or butterflies in here.

Here’s the breakdown:

  • Tank size: 8 gallons
  • Dimensions: 19” x 11.8” x 9.6”
  • Made of: Glass
  • Type: Saltwater or freshwater
  • Comes with: Aquarium, 18W multicolored LED light, non-detachable 3D rock ledge background, power filter pump

What We Loved

Personally, I love the 3D background that’s included with the kit.

It removes some of the “depth” in the back, but the wide bowfront aspect in front returns it with eye-popping beauty. The rocky ledge provides your fish with hiding spots as well as visual appeal for onlookers.

The power filter pump is pretty decent, as well, and comes built in out of sight so you don’t have to worry about ungainly eyesores in such a small space.

The multi-colored LED light is also a great part of the package.

The light is programmable for 3, 6, or 12 hours, plus you can adjust brightness from 100% to 10%. There are 5 total levels of brightness. You can shift between white LEDs for bright, clear light, blue + white + red for a more natural daytime light, red + blue for sunrise or sunset effects, as well as others that complete the natural lighting rotation throughout the day.

Plus, the whole thing is very affordable. For the quality of equipment you’re getting, it’s a great deal.

What We Didn’t Love

I couldn’t really find any consistent complaints and didn’t find any issues myself with the kit, except that generally speaking, 8-gallons is too small a tank for many species.

It would be great for a few Dwarf Gouramis, a couple Golden Dwarf Barbs, or even a few tiny Neon Tetras.

Our Verdict on the Hygger 8-Gallon LED Kit

This glass bow front aquarium kit is perfect for anyone looking to have stunning views in a nano tank.

The stunning clear front glass is made all the better by the wide bowfront aspect, but the built-in 3D background and high-powered LED lights make it all the better for your pleasure and the life and health of your tiny fish. Just make sure you’re getting it for the right kinds of fish.

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