Our Freshwater section has over 65 Freshwater tanks all on individual systems. We have a large variety of Community, Discus, Semi Aggressive, Aggressive, Cichlids, African Cichlids, South American Cichlids, Plecos, Shrimps, Plants and more. We also carry a huge variety of saltwater fish, invertebrates, and corals.

They carry:

  • Saltwater Fish
  • Reef Safe Fish
  • Saltwater Invertebrates
  • Coral
  • Saltwater Supplies
  • Captive Bred Fish/Aquacultured Corals
  • Freshwater Fish
  • Freshwater Invertebrates
  • Pond Fish
  • Freshwater Plants
  • Freshwater Supplies
  • Provides Aquarium Services

Address: 2235 S Power Rd Ste 107, Mesa, AZ, 85209

Phone: (480) 807-7840

Email: info@thepetshopaz.com

Website: thepetshopaz.com/


Sunday11:00 am6:00 pm
Monday11:00 am8:00 pm
Tuesday11:00 am8:00 pm
Wednesday11:00 am8:00 pm
Thursday11:00 am8:00 pm
Friday11:00 am8:00 pm
Saturday11:00 am6:00 pm

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